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How it Works
A digital memory chip is used to store all the relevant information
on the easy to use Lifecare EHR Storage device. The distinctive styling and bright logo alerts medical personnel to the individual’s special needs and existing medical conditions.

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The world’s first
Electronic Health Record Storage
devices in multiple languages

Lifecare EHR (electronic health record ) Storage device is a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients ranging from medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, and billing information. It combines an individual’s emergency information with today’s technology.

A digital memory chip is used to store all the relevant information on the easy to use Lifecare EHR Storage device. The distinctive styling and bright logo alerts medical personnel to the individual’s special needs and existing medical conditions.

Lifecare fosters improved patient care with minimal medial errors and the patient is assured of a better approach when first seen by a medical expert.

Lifecare includes all the required information as to who to call in case of an emergency or hospitalization.


Lifecare makes it possible to any emergency service like the ambulance, police or rescue squad to have instant access to all the emergency information of an individual like emergency contacts, allergies and medication.

Lifecare simplifies the otherwise complicated health information management. It can be carried along anywhere as the information is stored on a convenient credit card, a simple flash drive and bands, also a portable PC. It allows the customer to manage medical records with ease and convenience. It is simple and hassle free.

For effective management of your health information, order a Lifecare EHR Storage device today and experience a whole new level of health management and medical assistance.

Entrust Lifecare with your trust

Lifecare promises information that is handy and easy to access thus promising fast and improved health care.

It minimizes the efforts of the healthcare providers to get to know a patient’s health history as it offers a ready to refer list
of a patient’s past health concerns, allergies, medication and prescriptions.

Lifecare health management reduces any kind of risk to the patients as doctors have access to the complete record of the patient. A patient who has Lifecare EHR Storage device can easily handle excep-tional situations like filling in medical history forms, listing previous medication and dosages, any surgeries and the names of the surgeons by carrying a print out of the Lifecare information form.

Using Lifecare is not at all a complicated process. All one needs
to do is plug it into the USB port on the computer to start the program.


There is nothing to install as it is all there on the Lifecare. Fill in the required information in the fields provided and click on ‘Save’ to access Lifecare.

It requires very basic computer skills to use, on most systems it
is “plug and play” and is a simple fill in the blanks format. It is compatible with 100% of the home and office computer systems in use today and requires only Windows / MAC to fill out the information form.

And no special software is needed to read it, all Windows opera-ting systems include WordPad which can read the information form. One can also update any change of information, medica-tion, consultant doctor and other health related information so that the existing information is up to date.

In an Emergency :
Critical Health information about your health conditions, medications, allergies and advanced directives are available
in a USB device!

Routine Healthcare Visits :
Save time and ensure accuracy while at your healthcare provider's office.
Control Your Information :
Have access and control of your own health, lifestyle, medical and legal records! You control what information is viewable via your Lifecare EHR storage device.
Assist Your Healthcare providers :
Avoid confusion between multiple healthcare providers by
giving access to your complete health, lifestyle and medical information.
Save On Expenses :
Decrease out of pocket healthcare expenditure.
Peace of Mind :
Avoid relying on others for your record keeping.
Tax Deductible :
Lifecare can be deducted as a health care expense!
Easy To Use :
The Lifecare program is very user friendly and
intuitive (no computer skills required).
Lifecare Records - Video Presentation
Electronic Health Records' storage device for every citizen
EHR Storage device
With Lifecare any emergency service, ambulance, police or rescue squad with
a laptop can have instant access to all your emergency information ...
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