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Is the Lifecare EHR Storage device for anyone?
Anyone with a medical condition, caregivers, athletes, business travelers, employees of
various industries, students, etc. can have the Lifecare EHR Storage device.
The world’s first
Electronic Health Record Storage
devices in multiple languages
  What is an EHR Storage device?
  An EHR storage device is an Electronic Health Record. It is a method of tracking and communicating your specific health information to healthcare professionals. The EHR Storage device can be used in a wide range of circumstances including Doctor visits, Dental check-ups, at Pharmacies and of course in emergencies. We provide an EHR storage device, which is much easier to update and is designed in a format that provides the information in a clear
and concise manner.
  How will Lifecare EHR Storage devices benefit me?
  Having accurate, detailed and up-to-date medical information
on the fingertips is invaluable to anyone with a chronic medical condition, vacationers, business travelers, those who visit multiple medical doctors those who may require emergency medical care or simply anyone who intends to create and maintain one's own portable medical file.

You will now have the means to compile all the office notes, tests
and reports from your doctors and hospitals and store it right on
your Lifecare Bracelet, Key chain, Pendant or ID Tag. Every doctor you see will now have complete understanding of your medical history. The Living Record will improve your medical care.

Is internet required for updating my medical records?

  No, but it’s advisable. An internet connection is necessary to register your product and to obtain periodic software updates.
  Where is my EHR Storage device stored?
  All your health records are stored in a device in an electronic format. In that way, no one has access to it unless you wish
to give.

However, we have a provision of taking a backup of it in our
server if you wish to.
  What if my doctor’s office can’t plug my Lifecare EHR Storage device into a computer?
  While Lifecare works on any Windows based computer with
an available USB port, some offices and/or hospitals may have policies in place to protect their networks from any outside influence. They may not be able to use the device unless it is scanned by their network staff.

If that happens or if you think it might happen, simply print
out the reports and provide a hard copy to the doctor or
the hospital.

Lifecare is aware that especially in a network environment the
doctor's office or hospital may want to protect their computer
network to the greatest extent possible and so these situations
may arise.
  I don't have a computer, can I still use Lifecare?
  Yes, Lifecare EHR Storage devices require a computer only while editing and viewing your health records. You can always organize your health records in your Lifecare

EHR storage devices from your trusted friend/family member’s computer and then keep your device safely with you.
  Can I update or change my information later?
  You can update your information whenever you want to. The information you provide will be used by medical professionals to determine the treatment required.

You must always update the Lifecare EHR Storage device periodically
with current information to insure proper medical treatment.
  Does the Lifecare EHR Storage device Software work on a MAC computer?
  The Lifecare Software needs Windows, Framework 1.1 and Explorer or any other browser, which is available in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows software. However, if your
Mac is running Windows, there is no problem to run our
Lifecare Software.

Once you create your personal medical history, an html file is saved
on the Lifecare EHR Storage device, which all computers, including Macs are able to read your valuable information through its browser.
  Is the Lifecare EHR Storage device for anyone?
  Anyone with a medical condition, caregivers, athletes, business travelers, employees of various industries,

students, etc. can have the Lifecare EHR Storage device.
How it works
Lifecare is also very much useful when
you change your healthcare provider
since it can provide an accurate history
of health to your new provider ...
EHR Storage Device
With Lifecare any emergency service, ambulance, police or rescue squad with
a laptop can have instant access to all your emergency information ...
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