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About Us
Throughout the world, healthcare is constantly undergoing change.
Innovation and simplicity have been the driving force for us
to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers to store
and carry relevant health history.
About Us
The world’s first
Electronic Health Record Storage
devices in multiple languages

Lifecare acts as a catalyst and eases the communication between healthcare providers and patients, effectively withstanding the constant change in the healthcare industry.

Lifecare has always thrived to come up with a simple yet convenient process to store and carry relevant health records. Accessing patient records from allergies to prescriptions, from previous procedures to diagnostic scans has never been so
easy before for the healthcare providers.


We, at Lifecare have strived to create a product that is transparent, easy-to-use and customer-driven.

The significant and critical information stored at Lifecare helps doctors and healthcare experts save time as they can access
the medical records more quickly and easily. It also helps in coming up with suitable diagnosis by reducing any kind of errors. In an emergency, these medical records are truly a blessing in disguise in saving a life.


Lifecare’s mission is to improve speed and quality of patient care across the world by providing clinicians with accurate diagnosis decision support solutions. To strengthen and integrate our existing system of health care delivery, and make it possible for every common man to obtain access to the right care, at the right time and place.



Lifecare’s vision is to become the leading provider of technology and solutions that will empower individuals and communities to become active participants in their own healthcare.

How it works
Lifecare is also very much useful when
you change your healthcare provider
since it can provide an accurate history
of health to your new provider ...
EHR Storage Device
With Lifecare any emergency service, ambulance, police or rescue squad with
a laptop can have instant access to all your emergency information ...
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